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While all this was going on Serve drink bartender shirt . We had a conversation. It turns out this wonderful lady that smiled like a child does when that see Santa was going in for surgery in a few days. She came back the very next with her three daughters to get a picture of them with our experience so much. We talked more about her surgery and through everything she kept her wonderful smile. She is a very strong woman who embodies the Christmas spirit even with the tough things she is going through. I also talked with a woman who truly has a never give up or give in attitude. Her Mother has been in the hospital for awhile and on top of that. She used to work for a company that basically absolved her position and would not pay her for the time that she worked prior to closing that division of their company. This is also posted on my blog page Santa’s Wonderful Tales.

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Serve drink bartender shirt Classic Men's
Classic Men’s
Since this is the first week of my blog this year I thought I would share it on my main page as well Serve drink bartender shirt . I have heard several different stories over the years as Santa Claus. Some have been great. Some have been pretty rough based on people’s lives and needs. This week I would like to share three stories of what the true embodiment of the Christmas spirit really is. It never fails. You order a pizza and suddenly friends, roommates, neighbors come out from where to get their soft gloves on a slice of YOUR pizza. These free downloads never throw in to pay for your cake. But that’s just a piece of it, leaving you with a slice or two for yourself and a box full of cold pizza bones, leaving. Wear this t-shirt or hoodie to show your message loud and clear with this funny but serious message. Stop nice and protect your slices! Don’t have us at Pizza, dudes. For reality, though.
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  1. Yong

    The raglan sleeves really make a big difference in the way the shirts fits and looks. The fabric is perfect for summer. My two suggestions would be to make the pocket larger, and offer more colors.

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