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Want your version of the Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween shirt . Pawnee Goddesses shirt from the Parks and Rec episode? While I haven’t been able to find the standalone Pawnee Goddesses patch, I did come across this shirt featuring the patch design. Leslie Knope started the Pawnee Goddesses after the Ranger Council told her that the Ranger Council was for boys only. Given Leslie’s personality, that didn’t set well with her.Ron Swanson’s take on the ever-popular Keep Calm t-shirt trend. Unsurprisingly, Ron’s solution is to man up and get through it. Well, I have to say that this is absolutely the oddest Ron Swanson t-shirt that I’ve come across so far…and that’s saying something, because there are a ton of weird Ron Swanson designs out there. If you’d like to roll around town with Ron Swanson, AKA Duke Silver, in your pocket…this is the shirt for you, I guess.

Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween  Hoodie
Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween  Long Sleeve
Long Sleeve
Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween  Sweatshirt
Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween  Unisex
Want the number 1 dad shirt from Seinfeld? It’s the shirt worn by Jerry’s dad Morty, as well as The Dominicans, in the English Patient episode of Seinfeld Funny Pumpkin Head Dummy Halloween shirt . While I don’t think this is the exact shirt that was worn by Morty, you can get your very own #1 dad shirt that looks just like it. You probably don’t need me telling you how influential Seinfeld was. Needless to say – if you wear this shirt around town, people will probably recognize the reference. And it also makes a great Father’s Day gift, especially if your dad is a big Seinfeld fan! DeCovan Kadell Brown, AKA Dee Brown, was a n incredible dunker who played for the Boston Celtics, as well as a couple of other NBA teams. While Dee, the 19th overall pick in the 1990 draft, was a solid basketball player, he’s probably best known for winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest with an incredible no look dunk. This Dee Brown t-shirt memorializes that dunk with a little more low-brow approach, opting to bring in a play on the ever-popular deez nuts meme.
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